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Structural Integrity Assessment of Nuclear Energy Assets

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Date : 9 & 10 May 2018
Venue: Acres Club, Chembur, Mumbai


India has an ambitious plan to add more than 22000 MW of nuclear power in the coming decade, to reduce carbon footprint, and provide quality affordable power to its masses. Nuclear energy is poised to become a key contributor in the energy mix of India, to enable energy security. India has a successful, reliable and safe nuclear energy program, ably and amply supported by indigenous R&D. Despite this, the upcoming expansion has several challenges.

There is a large variety of type of reactors used in the upcoming nuclear programs. (BWR/ PHWR/ VVER/ LWR/ PWR/….). One of the significant challenge is to create a technology base and create competence in the entire supply chain of Indian nuclear industry. Structural integrity is a key factor for safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. All the systems, structures and components (SSCs) used in nuclear power plants (NPPs) have to pass through stringent structural integrity checks as per codes and standards of nuclear industry in international practice.

Indian Structural Integrity Society (lnSIS) is a professional society comprising executives, engineers and scientists working in the multi ­ disciplinary domain of structural integrity, spanning academics, industry executives, R&D Labs, technology and consulting companies. In the wake of increasing importance of Nuclear Energy in Indian context, lnSIS (visit our website www.instint.com) is organizing a “Workshop on Structural Integrity Assessment off Nuclear Energy Assets”. lnSIS is striving to create an ecosystem to foster technical interactions and collaboration between all the stakeholders in nuclear energy.

Objective of Workshop

To strengthen the engineering base for Indian nuclear energy program

To create a networking and collaborative platform for all stakeholders in nuclear energy industry including regulatory bodies, operators, DAE entities, EPC contractors, system integrators, vendors, technology providers, R&D labs, academic institutions, consultants

To achieve excellence in the nuclear energy programs of India

Topics covered in the workshop

To strengthen the engineering base for Indian nuclear energy proStructural integrity is a vast and multi-disciplinary area. Topics of interest covered in the workshop are:

  • Design and Design Evaluation
  • Design Codes (ASME B&PV, RC, PNAE, API, IEEE, etc)
  • Seismic qualification
  • Seismic margin assessment (SMA)
  • Remaining life assessment and extension (RLA/RLE)
  • Fitness for service (FFS)
  • NOT
  • In Service Inspection (ISi)
  • Materials and Damage mechanisms

  • Fatigue, fracture, creep
  • Application/ equipment/ systems-structures-components (SSCs) of NPPs
  • Computational methods
  • Regulatory issues… any all topics related to Structural Integrity Assessment

Workshop Team

  • Dr S Shamasundar, MD, ProSIM, (Workshop Coordinator)
  • Prof Ashok Saxena, Dean Emeritus, University of Arkansas, (President lnSIS)
  • Dr R Sunder, Director BiSS, (Sr VP, lnSIS)
  • Prof Vikram Jayaram, Chair, Division of Mechanical Sciences, IISc (VP. lnSIS)
  • Prof Vikram Jayaram, Chair, Division of Mechanical Sciences, IISc (VP. lnSIS)
  • Dr C Manjunath, Scientist, NAL (Secretary, lnSIS)


  • Engineers from nuclear power plants (operators)
  • Scientists from nuclear R&D organizations and regulatory bodies
  • Engineers/ Executives from Dept of Atomic Energy (DAE)
  • Researchers/ academics working on issues related to Structural Integrity
  • EPC Contractors, System integrators, and vendors working in nuclear industry
  • Technology providers, service providers, consultants
  • All those interested in Nuclear Energy Industry


Workshop will have a combination of

  • Invited expert lectures
  • Contributed papers
  • Panel discussions
  • Open house discussions


  • Network with all players in the nuclear industry
  • Understand the requirements of nuclear industry
  • Interact with peers in the industry
  • Learn latest technical – R&D trends

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