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SICE 2018

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JULY 25-27, 2018 India is emerging as one of the largest and rapidly growing globalized economies. The associated growth of Indian energy, transportation and manufacturing sectors is accompanied by increasing demand in expertise related to structural integrity including the application and practice of advances in Materials Engineering, Design & Simulation, Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics, Non-Destructive Inspection and Structural Health Monitoring. In step with these priorities, DMRL and Indian Structural Integrity Society (InSIS) are pleased to convene the Second International Conference on Structural Integrity and Exhibition (SICE 2018) to bring together experts, contributing to various aspects that together determine safety, durability, and robustness of everything that works and moves.

The pre-conference workshop will provide an excellent platform for understanding topics related to Structural Integrity and their applications, through lectures and hands on laboratory exposure, conducted by leading experts in respective areas.

The event offers a wonderful opportunity to exhibitors (institutions and businesses in Structural Integrity) to showcase their products and services to a specialist audience gathered for the Workshop and Conference.

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